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Husband and wife

Husband comes home tired drunk and opens easily into the bedroom and slams the bed. His wife enters into the room and heard him arguing:

– Where are you sure get it in boots, animal?

– Boots are often, the mother

– Yes that bottle out of hand, you bring the bottle to put her baby?

– Honey I made glass transplant to not shake my hands to drink

– And what’s that vomiting on the carpet?

– I ate something bad and here I broke down and rug

– You were the whore, bitch, the smell of perfume?

– The curve, I, how make a game because have to leave at home?

– Swipe, you see that you went to bed with those shoes holes?

– Oh, I’m drunk, insult me​​, and if I’m drunk, then your father what to say, that if he drinks water, vomits

– No, Dad died I had no to brandy and transplantation, 40 lei per liter, these communists have killed me, not me

– Let me sleep woman

– Go to sleep facing the wall and plastering to ferment that 10 years old and fall, and you can put a new one

– View to put alarm clock, go to work tomorrow

– Tomorrow you go to work, Sunday, instead and you go to church like a man

– I,mother, the church incense blend want to get drunk with vodka and stronger

– Close the window even as you pinch mosquitoes, man

– Let them pinch me as insecticide that you put in your father’s coffin was nibbling rats do not like onion rings is weaker than vodka I filtered her stomach

– Turn out the lights, go to sleep in bed and not on the carpet

– Mother sleeping on the carpet today, you know it hurts me and sit down column to straighten me

– For vodka, let put you, a bottle on cupboard to see how you take it more, good night


Ranking Drunk

After saying „No jobs , then let`s drink”, the world drunk homeles alcoholic coma for road OMBFA, initiated a study another association, the association of blood donors drunk, ADSB, promotes and takes into account, the beneficial properties of blood on the vodka, wine and beer, which finds of numbness: people shy pale emotion.

Alcohol makes love more nuanced if no stuttering, wake up craving for sex, not attracting a suitable partner

Ranking Drunk

1. Homeless, are gathered in the streets but return after bottles
2. Pensioners, are awake early in pubs and hibernate in coffins
3. Unemployed, people gather in pubs and dissipate in road
4. Rich little guys, are pushing each other in restaurants and in taxis all fall
5. Rich big guys, drink booze and cheap mistresses
6. Peasants, drink brandy and then sprinkle corn dogs barking until his trousers
7. Women lust drink and then do their makeup in the toilet
8. Construction workers, drink alongside with work until work offend and they scratch fingers.
9. Drivers, driving up with courage and down on all fours, God knows where
10. Revelers at events, drink happiness and then whine in ambulances

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